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A fascinating journey through the microcosm of soft sounds with wind instruments, marimba, chinese guzheng percussion, gongs and soundspheres


are compositions and improvisations for the inner room. The concert audience is invited with these many different instruments and sounds for an inner dance. "The earth and nature are paradise “ Siebert says. And there is yet another place. This paradise we always have with us - when we close our eyes and redirect the view from outside to inside. For these dances, that happen there I can be the orchestra. Its both a celebration and an adventure."

Here is a 10 min. video with some sequences from a



In the next video Büdi shows his ideas and music about the inside dances.

VIDEO INSIDE DANCES (high resolution)

VIDEO INSIDE DANCES (low resolution)




April 14 Munic Germany  Klangheilzentrum


May 10-11 Beartribe Medicine Wheel Gathering

D 98634 Schafhausen Germany


6. July Seminar "Song from the Heart" Apfelhof Bärbach Germany

Schönborn bei Limburg Anmeldung tel. 06486 6653


13-14 July Vogt bei Ravensburg  Germany


10.-11. August Bern Switzerland Klangkeller


11. October Zentrum in Balance Hainfeld/Pfalz Germany


12.October Köln Stadthalle Colongne-Mülheim Germany


13.October Zentrum in Balance Hainfeld/Pfalz  Germany

Seminar "Song from The Heart"


2. November Vienna Austria


more events planned in Germany, Switzerland and Austria through 2013





"After my exceptional experiences in the Great Pyramid - when I changed in a deep trance from then musician into the instrument of a power, that spread out within me and created deep joy in me, I realized, that I can pass this on in concerts for the inner room."


Here is an invitation to an inner dance - with more than 20 different wind- ethnic and precussive instruments, Guzheng, Gongs and Soundspheres.

The Multi-Instrumentalist prefers special rooms for these concerts - caves, churches, nature places or therapy centers.



"Inside Dances

are concerts for the inner room,

for the silence between the tones, -

for the opening of the inner world,

which has always been our birthright to explore -

our most significant opportunity in life,

prevented by the loud activity of our time."